How aggressive is a silverback gorilla?

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Gorillas are not aggressive. However they ARE effectively defensive. If they or their families are threatened be prepared for effective retaliation.

Thanks to the San Diego Zoo for the photo of my friend Albert, the silverback gorilla.

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Hehehe….really? Allow me to introduce you to ‘Gavin’ a full grown siverback gorilla..

"This guy is ripped…he has muscle on muscle. Gavin is around 5 times stronger than a puny human, he can weigh an impressive 160kg (350 pounds)— 195kg (430 pounds). He's mainly a vegetarian. And NO! You could never be this ripped on his diet, in fact you could never be this ripped full stop.
Take the biggest most muscular human on the planet and pit him against Gavin..lets call your human Bob!

"This is how Gavin see's Bob.

"This is what Bob see's.
Bob heard somewhere that beating your chest and mimicking the gorilla causes gorilla to stop and think…wrong Bob, very, very wrong! Gavin was just going to knock you into next month…now you've challenged him…oh dear, oh deary, deary me..

"Now Gavin doesn't want a fight but as he explains to the missus, ‘I'll be back in a moment, just gonna put this human in his place'!

"Yeah! Victory dance.
Images Courtesey of my Pinterest.

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