How big is a silverback gorilla?

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Hehehe….really? Allow me to introduce you to ‘Gavin’ a full grown siverback gorilla..

"This guy is ripped…he has muscle on muscle. Gavin is around 5 times stronger than a puny human, he can weigh an impressive 160kg (350 pounds)— 195kg (430 pounds). He's mainly a vegetarian. And NO! You could never be this ripped on his diet, in fact you could never be this ripped full stop.
Take the biggest most muscular human on the planet and pit him against Gavin..lets call your human Bob!

"This is how Gavin see's Bob.

"This is what Bob see's.
Bob heard somewhere that beating your chest and mimicking the gorilla causes gorilla to stop and think…wrong Bob, very, very wrong! Gavin was just going to knock you into next month…now you've challenged him…oh dear, oh deary, deary me..

"Now Gavin doesn't want a fight but as he explains to the missus, ‘I'll be back in a moment, just gonna put this human in his place'!

"Yeah! Victory dance.
Images Courtesey of my Pinterest.

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A famous tracker found a grizzly but was outfoxed. So he hid under his 7000 lb(roughly 3200 kg) offroad vehicle. The grizzly lifted one side of the vehicle with one paw: whilst swiping under the vehicle with the other. It tore the roof off unsuccessfully trying to roll the vehicle and tore the front fenders off. It shredded one of the tires and smashed the windshield before losing interest and wandering off. The tracker waited and then drove off with the one flat tire. He later braved wild feral dogs,Coy Wolves and black bears in the Vast New Jersey Pine barrens to rescue a lost mentally challenged man.
This was an ordinary 2.25 metre tall 350 kg grizzly that did all that damage. Gorillas are enormously strong with 2.5 times the strength of the Mountain and 3 to 4 times the power. It's jaws are Iron its arms a forklift. However whilst its skin is a considerably tougher version of ours the bears is entirely different and much less vulnerable to serious harm. It can run as fast as a horse and can pluck fish out of the water with paws quicker than a big cats.
A polar bear is more slightly built than a grizzly, and weaker pound per pound. You may have seen the Youtube video where a 600 kg plus polar bear annihilates a 1700–1800 kg prime bull walrus. It drags the enormous carcass with ease as rivers of blood run everywhere.
Compared to us the Ape is fast: much tougher and stronger; but against the bear it is a weak and soft vegetarian. Its handspeed is slower and its speed of 40km/ hr pales next to the grizzlies 49. Bears are easy going but even small black bears routinely pull off car doors. A grizzly named Boo about 440 kg and 2.65 m tall routinely pulled off his cages 5 cm thick steel door to see his girl so they tranquilized and fixed him.
Both are usually easy going ;and if little was at stake, the bear would back off. A wolf will let coyotes drive it off if little is at stake. Even a minor wound can be serious in the wild. Whoever pitted these magnificent and very intelligent animals against each other deserves 15–20 years in a 2m x 3m cell. The gorilla would win 2% of the fights which is better than the 0.2 % warthogs win against lionesses(yes it happens, but with extreme rarity; and the warthog dies as well)
In the Northern woods of my own Ontario, a naturalist found an orphan Black bear cub, and raised him. For a bear, he had an unusually gentle and predictable personality. When the cub was about 75 kg, the naturalist started taking the cub on longer walks in the woods. Sometimes the cub would remain and not return for days then weeks. The cub hibernated on his own but unbeknownced to the naturalist the wife had fed the bear a couple times at the cottage after his hibernation. The third time the tiny 155cm woman told the bear he couldn't have what was on the top shelf. The now 2.1 m tall 180 kg bear shoved her aside with the back of his paw leaving a small bruise and a hurt heart. He took the syrup and preserves with him. The naturalist knew this could not happen again. He also told his wife that it was only because the bear was fond of her that things didn't go worse. The next time the bear came the naturalist fired a shot in the air and the bear ran off. A few days later he met his wild fur baby in a clearing and they hung out. This happened for years then when he was old he no longer saw the bear. He noted that when the bear reached 23 kg or 50 lbs there was little difference in their strength when they r ough housed. In http://roughhoused.In  1969 the naturalist moved out west and started raising orphan wolf cubs. He was a widower by then (the bear wasn't responsible): and later remarried at a very advanced age.

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