Is the silverback gorilla the strongest living primate on earth?

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Yes, gorillas are stronger than other primates. Keep in mind that they’re the largest, as well. What’s interesting to me is that they are strict vegetarians (vegan) after weaning. They can scavenge eggs, but don’t seek them out as a rule.

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“ Can the strongest known human fight a gorilla and win?”
You know I’ve seen stupid questions like this many times, and I always bait myself into looking at the answers, and I’m always disappointed to see that no one has taken the time to absolutely rip these questions a new one. However, today I shall attempt to do just that with an in depth strategical analysis of how one would go about fighting a gorilla inspired by Shadiversity (youtuber check him out) that concludes with not one but two ridiculous, ironic, yet theoretically plausible methods for defeating a gorilla. ***Warning may contain trace amounts of math***
First of all I’m gonna layout all of my assumptions:
Gorilla is a healthy average male silver back and is aware the human is a threat, any possible combination of human freakdom is acceptable, both opponents are unarmed, fight takes place on an infinite plane, a gorilla brain is half the volume and the same density as a human brain, a gorilla head is atleast twice the weight of a human head, human and gorilla brains can be modeled as spheres in a vaccum, average human’s strongest punch can knockout a human, average pro boxer can punch twice as hard as average, average pro boxer can punch hard enough to kill a person in a single hit.
Now lets get to eliminating every attack/strategy that we can.
So most people’s go to for ending a fight is punch them in the head. While it’s true the brain can be a convenient off switch, I’m very dubious that a human punch is able to generate enough force to knockout a gorilla (see discussion at end). However for the sake of argument I’ll say there exist a human who is barely able to knock out a gorilla with his best punch. But you want to know the chances of landing that perfect punch in a real fight? Approximately 0%. Why do I say this? Well I wasn’t able to find a single conclusive case of a 1 punch kill in a match and there have been tens of thousands of recorded fights. 0/10,000 = 0% so yea.
Now you might be thinking “Hey man, no one said you had to knock him out in one punch.” Well there is another problem with trying to hit a gorilla. Range.

Do you want to know what I see in this picture? That gorilla’s arms are as long as that guy’s legs. How many of you have arms as long as your legs? (internally laughing at you trying compare) That characteristic all-fours stance puts his testicles and other vital organs out of reach leaving his head full of teeth and neck the only viable option for attack. Also a gorilla in that characteristic all-fours stance puts his head and waist level. So basically even if you have the longest arms in human history you’ll have to punch at a range where he can pretty much just give you a big o’ hug. Now you’re questioning why that’s a bad thing go crush one of your empty beer cans (hand = gorilla beer can = your ribcage). Even if you would claw at his eye during the 2 seconds before he crushes you to death he’ll drop you and finish the job with a double hammer fist.
You now might be saying to yourself “Well I’d just kick him in the face if I can’t punch him!” True his head is right at waist level so a nice roundhouse kick should do him in right? Wrong. First of all kicks are much less accurate that a punch (think of fire a gun from the hip vs. firing while looking down the barrel), so getting a decent on a potentially moving target is that much harder. There is also another problem with kicks. Have you ever tried moving in any direction (particularly backward) while kicking with any amount of force? (internally laughing at you’re flailing limbs) Basically to kick with any amount of power you have to be stationary or moving forward. Third problem with kicks is a fight ender strength kick is difficult not to telegraph which will probably give the gorilla more than enough time to lunge forward tackle you to the ground.
Now you might be thinking “Well if it goes to the ground, I’ll just use that sweet Brazilian Jujitsu move I learn from my sensei who’s a quadruple ultra black be— NO!   Let me be clear. If you try to grapple with a gorilla he bend you over and rape you. (butt lucky for you gorillas have the smallest penis to body size of all primates)
Now we might be getting somewhere. Endurance is what humans are built for! I mean so human hunters in Africa still essentially run their prey to death with the ancient art of persistence hunting. So we just chase this gorilla until it dies right? Sound good except how are we going to convince an animal with near human intelligence to run itself to death? To be honest I don’t think we’d even would be able to get it to run in the first place. The best we’d really would be able to do is to keep pestering it into attacking and praying to God we can dodge everything it can throw at us. But even better than dodging how about we always maintain a health distance from it always retreating when it gets too close. Yes, this is it! We will let the gorilla live itself to death with it’s inferior life expectancy.  Solution 1 — Fight without fighting and win the ultimate endurance race: life.
Ah yes throwing. Another thing humans are exceptionally good at. But wait there’s a catch. We aren’t allowed any weapons. Well shit… wait a minute SHIT! We can throw our own shit like those damn dirty apes! I mean I’d probably be shitting myself if I had to fight a gorilla, so why not use it! All you would have to do take a handful of poop use top notch human accuracy to throw it into their eyes and use a super powerful punch/kick to knock them out.  Solution 2 — Fight like a monkey and throw poop in their eyes and blindside them.
Human ability to knock out a gorilla:
Brain damage that causes a knockout comes from the pressure produced by the brain smacking into the skull. One might think you just have to make the gorilla brain smack into the skull just as fast as the human brain. Since the gorilla head is twice as heavy that would mean you have to hit gorilla twice as hard, or as hard as the average boxer. However a gorilla’s brain is smaller than a human's so it has a proportionally larger surface area for it’s weight (read up on the square cube law) which results in lower pressure’s on the gorilla’s brain at the same impact speed (think of trying to kill a bug by throwing it at something). So how much harder than the average boxer do you need to punch a gorilla. Well lets find the percent increase! (it’s 25% which mean 2.5 time more power than the average person, if you want to skip the math stuff)
***Math Talk Ahead***
So you have to find the surface area to weight ratio of the gorilla brain and divide it by the same ratio for the human brain. Using my stated assumptions that will be (.5^(2/3)/.5)/(1^(2/3)/1) = (.5^(2/3)/.5) = 1.259921… therefore you need a further 25% more punching power than the average boxer! (I know, I’m lazy and I skipped basically all the steps. If you would like to see everything I might edit upon request.)
***Math Talk Done***
In my mind a 25% increase puts every human ever out of the running, but you might be thinking “2.5 times normal? Hell, I bet (insert name) can do that. I mean he so jacked I bet his arms twice the size of yours.” Well it should be said that amount of muscle doesn’t correlate with punching power as much as you’d think it might, but sure… sure he can…

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